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Updates coming Camera Vault, EZ Loan Calc/Pro, Cameleon Cam

We've been working hard improving your favorite JCLM apps including Camera Vault, EZ Loan Calc and Pro, and Chameleon Cam. You'll start to see some of these features in updates soon while others are still in development but should be available in the near future.

Here's an overview what's keeping us busy this summer:

In Camera Vault:

  • Redesigning many interface components to make it easier to sort your photos and share them with your favorite social networking sites!
  • New art work is being added to spiff up the look.
  • Updating the camera to use iPhone4's amazing camera features like flash
  • Fixing a photo library display issue that iPhone4 users notice where the resolution of the image isn't the full resolution iPhone4 is capable of (the images are saved in full resolution, and photos exported to your photo library are full res)
  • Re-writing the entire saving system to use iOS 4's new APIs which should make saving faster than ever!

In Chameleon Cam:

  • Video. Yes.

In EZ Loan Calc/Pro:

  • Verified compatibility with iOS 4, and introduced iAds (EZ Loan Calc)
  • Corrected an issue with the loan header being displayed even when it's not named (Pro)
  • Fixing a reported bug that the delete button is unavailable in iOS 4 (Pro)

For the really curious and nerdy, I'll be writing a post in the near future which details the plans for Chameleon Cam the application library which is constantly evolving to become the new backend for Camera Vault.

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Updated website

You might have noticed:
We've updated the website to bring together information about all of our apps on one site instead of individual sites for each individual app.

We've enabled commenting on our posts so that our users have another method of communicating with us.

If you have any comments/questions/ideas, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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EZ Loan Pro Released!

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"Good news everyone, EZ Loan Pro has been released to the iTunes Appstore!  (We’re pretty excited.)
This sister application to EZ Loan Calc represents a set of long awaited features upgrading and enhancing the EZ Loan Calc you’ve known all along.  While trying to maintain the ease and simplicity of EZ Loan Calc, we wanted to [...]..."

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EZ Loan Pro Pending Release!

Read about a new post from EZ Loan Calc:

"We've been busy augmenting the EZ Loan Calc application to turn it from a simple loan calculator into one more feature rich, with the ability to save loan estimates, include more information, and compare multiple loans quickly and easily...."

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